You are looking for pharmaceutical translators from English to Russian and from Russian to English. CTD, PILs, clinical study protocols, and much more. Our team is happy to help you. 

We all have degrees in pharmacy, medicine and/or translation. GMP, GCP, and GLP are not just abbreviations for us. We know the difference between dissolution and solubility, and theoretical plates do not frighten us. We are familiar with ICH, FDA, and EMA guidelines and know how to compare them with the Russian ones. Thanks to our experience in translation and editing, we can convert wordy phrases of the original text to clear and concise translations that are easy to read. 

We can work on different documents individually, translate different parts of one project, or provide you with translating/editing including the four-eyes principle: one team member translates/another edits. We translate in Trados Studio 2019 (and ready to switch to other CAT-tools if needed), so our translations are consistent, and we can follow our glossary. Additional QA tools help us eliminate typos, inconsistent translations, and mistakes in numbers.