Elena Melnik

I live in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Pharmaceutical translator Rus<->Eng since 2011

Degree in Pharmacy
(St. Petersburg Chemistry and Pharmacy Academy)

Further education:

  • St. Petersburg University
    A two-year translation program
  • St. Petersburg Medical University & QuintilesIMS
    CRA school (Monitoring of clinical trials according to GCP): March 2017 - May 2017

Olga Ochkur

I live in Philadelphia, US

Pharmaceutical translator Rus<->Eng since 2010

Degree in Pharmacy
(St. Petersburg Chemistry and Pharmacy Academy)

Further education:

  • St. Petersburg Institute of Macromolecular Compounds
  • Temple University (Philadelphia, US)
    Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Graduate Program (Drug Development; GCP; Clinical Trial Management; Clinical Drug Safety and PV)

Elena: 'I like pharmaceutical development, analytical procedures, and, of course, clinical trials. I'm fond of books on concise and medical writing, so I always search for new simple solutions to translate complex phrases. I also edit, proofread, and help other translators improve their writing and translating skills. I know how to overcome dangling modifiers, non-parallel structures, and 'beaurocratic prose'. My recent project was a dossier for a monoclonal antibody - I edited about 500 k words.'

Olga: 'Originally trained as a PharmD, I worked at a biologics analytical laboratory for several years. After relocating to the US, I moved away from the bench and decided to specialize in pharmaceutical translation (this was a great decision btw!). Over 7 years I've been translating various sections of drug dossiers with a particular interest in clinical trials, drug safety and pharmacovigilance.  I love both meticulously searching for the right technical term in protocols and reports, and adapting patient-facing materials into clear English or Russian texts that a layman could easily read.'